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temp Flushed Premium is an exciting and challenging reaction based puzzle/adventure game, bursting with fun and joy for everyone. It's easy enough for anyone to grab and play, yet provides enough content and challenge for those that require more out of their games.

Here's the scoop:
Help Charlie, a flushed goldfish, to fight his way through the precarious worlds of Flushed. Discover weird items and help other stranded fish on the way. With easy and intuitive controls, Flushed can be played by anyone, anywhere -and soon- with anyone. With mobile multiplayer mayhem, experience the thrills of Flushed with Charlie, friends, and family!.
or co-operatively.

         - Looks and Plays Nice
         - Every Game Is Different (Randomly Generated)
         - Four Themes with Unique Graphics and Music
         - Online Multiplayer
         - Scalable Resolution For Different Hardware
         - Angry Wife/Girlfriend
         - Buying It Makes Someone Happy (that would be ME!)
         * Multiplayer and low resolution still under development



tempFlushed Free is a free-to-download version of our new video game "Flushed" (non-advert "Premiere" version also available @ Google Play). Flushed Free retains all the crazy gameplay and zany humor found in Flushed Premiere. It has, however, advertisement, and won't include Multiplayer (which is aweome) or any future additional features we plan to release.

It's fine to start with this. If you like it, buy Flushed Premiere. You'll be glad you did!




You can also check out Flushed @ Google Play


watch the trailer for our game!

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