Lights and Perfections
Tilkankatu 15, 00300 Helsinki/Finland
Phone. +358 45 200 7446

Lights and Perfections is a two man operation, driven by ambition,
passion, an unhealthy diet, and a whole lot of talent, to create the
best games, regardless of the platform.

We are located in Helsinki, Finland.

Tilkankatu 15, 00300 Helsinki
Phone: +358 45 2007446 (Jouko Voutilainen)
          +358 45 1201024 (Kristian Kristola)

Jouko Voutilainen - Creative Dictator
Graphics, Animation, Music, Game Design, Marketing and this lame website

Kristian Kristola - System Overlord
Prgramming, Game Design, Tech Implementation

feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and question our e-mail.